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20+ Amazing Direct Mail Marketing Postcard Ideas

by Sara Duane | April 13, 2013

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Postcards are awesome. Yes we said it! We love postcards. They’re simple, efficient, and can be utilized for a whole host of purposes. They’re particularly effective for direct mail marketing success because they are easy to print and cheaper to send than mail that requires an envelope.

What Can You Use Postcards For?

You aren’t quite convinced about the versatility of postcards? Well, as postcard printing experts, we’ve seen more ideas for this medium than you could shake a stick at. The sky is really the limit as far as postcard versatility goes. If designed well, the simplicity of a postcard is powerful and impactful. Modern postcards come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, textures, texts and designs. If you’re in need of a little inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, take a look at the postcard ideas and examples below.

Postcard Printing - Customer Update

  • Introduce your business to the area
  • Remind local communities what you offer (this is important when attempting to gain new clients!)
  • Announce your grand opening
  • Promote your upcoming sale
  • Send your customers a coupon

Postcard Printing - Moving Announcement

  • Invite clients to an event
  • Direct customers to your website
  • Tell them if you’ve moved
  • Let them know you’re expanding
  • Celebrate your anniversary

Postcard Printing - Appointment Reminder

  • Send a holiday greeting
  • Wish your customer a happy birthday
  • Send out a customer survey
  • Remind customers of an upcoming appointment
  • Two words: Postcard brochure

Postcard Printing - Financial Advertisement

  • Announce a new service offering
  • Send a postcard as a refer-a-friend token
  • Remind customers to renew services or subscriptions
  • Announce your grand re-opening
  • Thank them for being your customer (strengthen your relationship with your clients!)

Postcard Printing - Thank You

Has your appetite for postcard printing ideas been whetted? Then you’ll be sure to love this Variable Data on Postcards post from earlier this year.  Using variable data postcards printing, you can add the name of each individual recipient to your postcards for the perfect personal touch.

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