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Circular Wedding Invitations to Symbolize Your Love

As a graphic designer, one of the most important things you can do to create an incredible project is to push the limit of expectation far beyond what your client first imagines in their own head. When designing the wedding stationery for a couple’s big day, you can really help to create something memorable and […]


Customer Spotlight: Beard Circus

About Beard Circus Michael Michaud is a graphic designer and artist who we featured previously in our Customer Spotlight for his colorful and unique paintings and drawings at Now he’s started off on a new adventure called Beard Circus. As expected, this venture has a decidedly different nature than his art. What made you […]

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Earth-Friendly Digital Printing with

Happy Earth Day! Today is the day where our one and only home in the Universe is honored world-wide. It’s a day for talking about sustainability, environmental-friendliness, recycling, and other topics and tactics to keep our Earth looking green and beautiful. We’ve talked a bit in the past about how digital printing is more sustainable […]

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Graphic Design Inspiration – Hand Lettering by Mark

Type, typography and hand lettering seem to become increasingly popular these days. Today’s graphic design inspiration takes a look at some beautiful hand lettering designs. These were created by Mark van Leeuwen. He is a freelance designer currently based in Italy, who specializes in Logo Design and Typography. From the examples of his work below, […]


Ask a Expert: Common Booklet Printing Issues

I’d like to print some saddle stitched booklets with you that have a variety of design elements on the internal pages. I have read through your file setup information and I’m pretty sure that I know what I need to include. But I want this booklet to look as perfect as possible on the first […]


What’s New is Old Again – Give a Vintage Look to Your Photos

Like an artist will experiment with a new medium or technique, photography hobbyists explore new looks for photos using Photoshop. Vintage effects are some of the trending looks lately, so sometime you might want to give a vintage look to your photos. I think it’s important to learn a bit about the actual vintage photos before you dig online […]


Perfect Bound Books, the Perfect Booklet Printing Option

You are probably used to designing saddle stitch, wire coil, and spiral bound booklets. is proud to announce that we’ve added perfect bound books to our array of custom booklet printing options. File setup is very similar to wire and spiral coil because we go by the number of sheets, rather than page sides. The […]

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Recommitment & Vow Renewal “Wedding” Ceremonies

Wedding vow renewal ceremonies are more popular than ever, with couples all over the world making a public recommitment of the vows they once made. Whether to commemorate a landmark anniversary, or to mark a fresh start after some tough times (like a serious illness), couples are bringing their family and friends back together to […]

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Renew and Replenish Your Marketing Materials This Spring

It’s spring, and soon people (i.e., your customers) who have been holed up all winter will be on the move. They’ll be outside taking walks, sitting on patios, window shopping and enjoying the sunshine. This is great…unless you’re still marketing with last year’s materials. A worn and faded banner won’t capture shoppers’ attention, and pieces […]


How Does Choose the Papers We Offer You?

You want unique papers that set you and your printed pieces apart from the competition. That’s why we choose only the highest-quality paper stock for the printed materials so important to promoting your business. For example, the colored, metallic and textured papers we offer not only make your printed pieces stand out, they meet our […]

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