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Graphic Design Inspiration – Love Puns

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Have you made all the right plans for you and your loved one? Are you planning to spend the night alone, and you don’t really care for all this love stuff? Are you pining for a true love of your own? Well, I can’t really help you with any of those […]

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Ask a Expert: Split Shipping

Can I split my order and send parts of it to two different places? A bride I’m working with has someone who is helping her with wedding stuff, but they live in different cities. It would be easier to ship to each directly from you, instead of sending them all to one, just for her […]

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Shooting Photos All Year Round for Your Next Calendar

Photo calendars are perfect for any occasion, they are easy to create, make great gifts and could be used as handouts for business. Part of the fun of creating such a calendar is to capture the images you’ll want to include each month. Consider the following when shooting photos for a calendar. High resolution Typical calendars […]

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10 Tips for Creating Typographic Design

In recent years, there has been a renewed appreciation for typographic design and other text-related art. The words become part of the design, but in many cases, type can be practical, too. Designing with words isn’t as easy as it sounds, though. It’s not a matter of taking a photograph and overlaying some text in […]

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Equipment Every Wedding Photographer Should Have

On average, there are 2 million weddings celebrated each year in the US. Surveys show every wedding photographer shoots an average of 21 weddings per year (based on And that means there is at least 100,000 wedding photographers in the market. With the advance of digital cameras, more people are entering the wedding photography […]


Print Creative Car Magnets to Sell Your Brand

Car magnets turn your vehicle into a “mobile marketing” tool, taking the message of your business everywhere you go. Because that message is constantly in motion on a car, it has to be easy for potential customers to identify at a glance. That means your car magnets have to be creative, well-designed and very representative of […]


5 Custom Accessories for Baby Showers

It’s so much fun to welcome a little one and honor a mom-to-be with a baby shower. If you’re in charge of creating the theme, design and look of the party – it’s even more fun! Custom printed accessories will make the shower one of a kind and a pleasure to be a part of […]


Photography Inspiration – Groundhog Day

Today is the traditional day when according to legend, a groundhog is supposed to predict our weather future. The world famous Punxsutawney Phil in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, didn’t see his shadow, meaning spring is right around the corner! It might not seem that way to many Minnesotans and other Midwesterners, though, as today a “snowmageddon” is trekking it’s way […]

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Ask a Expert: Variable Data + Multiple Versions

I will be mailing roughly 200-400 6×9 postcards per month using your full mailing service. Is it possible to print multiple versions of the postcard for 1 mailing? For Example: We want to print different designs according to demographics. The variable data list will be separated according to age.  – Variable Versioner Yes, you can print postcards with multiple designs. […]

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A Brief Introduction to High Speed Photography

The term high speed photography may be new to you, but these types of images have been around for years. I am sure you have seen images of water splashing or glass shattering. Regular exposure would inevitably cause blur when photographing these moments. With special technique, these instant events can be frozen in time, in […]

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