scripty font for printed invitations - feature

5 Tips for Choosing a Font for Your Project

There are now thousands upon thousands of different fonts available for your graphic design project, many of which are free to download and use. This huge availability of fonts can sometimes result in to paradoxical outcomes: Using the same fonts because it is tiresome to sift through what’s available, or taking the time to look […]

bag topper thumbnail

Wow Guests with Bag Toppers for Wedding Favors

Looking for an extra “something” to make wedding favors extra special? Top them off with bag toppers! The bag toppers are a great add-on to the treats and little gifts you’re giving to your guests to thank them for coming to the wedding. They complete the look of the favor and add personalization, information about […]


5 Ways Direct Mail Print Marketing is Better Than Email

So much talk about marketing these days revolves around the internet. Banner ads, email, landing pages, etc., etc., etc. Print marketing doesn’t nearly get as much attention as it should. Sure, it’s not as “new”, bright and flashy as email and other online marketing, but it’s still incredibly effective. In fact, it’s likely more effective […]

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5 Tips for Coming Up with New Ideas

Creative jobs can be a lot of fun and incredibly fulfilling. Just as with other jobs, though, when you’re doing the same things every day, you can get in a bit of a rut. It can be taxing to constantly come up with new ideas day in and day out. However, there are many things […]

Sara Heffernen - Oh Crop - feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – Punny Design Posters

Who doesn’t like a good pun? In this graphic design inspiration post, Sara Heffernen has created a marvelous series of funny posters that graphic designers can truly appreciate. Take a look at her posters below, then cruise on over to her Behance profile to see more. Would you like to see your work highlighted in our […]

layered-wedding-invitation-gate-fold - feature

Ask a Expert: Mounting & Layering Papers

Do you guys offer any layering and mounting services for things like invitations and cards? I am looking to print on text weight and have it mounted to a thicker card stock. – Layered Look At this time, we do not offer mounting services for our digital print products. However, we do offer help and resources […]

flower blur impressionist multiple exposure - feature

How to Create an Impressionist Look with Flower Photography

Flowers are one of the first subjects for beginner photographers to shoot, after learning the basics, as detailed in my previous two articles (Getting Started with Flower Photography – Part 1 and Getting Started with Flower Photography – Part 2), now it’s the time to explore more advanced techniques to get unique looks, such as, […]


Blob Brush Tool In Adobe Illustrator

We all know that Adobe Illustrator is great for illustration and has numerous tools to make the perfect artwork. We all know about the pen tool and that brushes can be used too. However, there may be one type of brush that is not the most widely known, which is the Blob Brush. To use […]

sarah chapman chicken name cut meal - feature

Variable Cut Names on Place Cards, Invitations & More for a Wow Factor

What do you get when you combine creative die cutting with custom personalization? Designs that are cut out to stand out! Our MotionCutter allows us to do all sorts of intricate, unique and wild design cuts, including the capability to cut out letters, words, names and messages in paper and other materials. That includes using […]

kisscut stickers labels smartpress - feature

Kisscut Labels, Stickers & Decals Now Available

Custom kisscut labels, stickers and decals are now available at! They’re perfect for special events, product labeling, weddings, marketing collateral and even just for fun. Get your kisscut stickers, decals and labels in any shape that you like, simple or complex, without a huge price tag. Our digital laser die cutting will create kisscuts […]

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