Custom Business Cards Leave a Lasting Impression

When it comes to doing business, there’s one tradition that’s been around for ages, but still carries a lot of clout: handing out your business card. Whether you’re a sales rep, a small business owner, or even a marketing assistant, handing someone your business card means something. It leaves an impression. The U.S. Small Business [...]

organic products easel back sign - feature

Easel Back Posters Stand Up for Quick & Easy Displays

Pop up easel back posters are one the latest additions to the options, opening a whole world of possibilities when it comes to marketing and displaying your message. With traditional posters, wall signs and poster signs, you need a large wall space to display your message. While this may not be a problem in [...]

hand canceling wedding invitations - feature

Hand Canceling Save the Dates & Wedding Invitations

Having gone through the effort and expense of making your dream save the dates and wedding invites, the idea of having your handwritten or beautifully printed envelopes covered with barcodes and black ink in the post is rather saddening. The good news is that you can hand cancel your envelopes at the post office in order [...]

leigh hunt quote - Ryan McArthur - feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – Ryan McArthur Posters

As previous posts demonstrate, I’m a big fan of minimalism and text/imagery combinations. I love how words and images can work together to create something greater than one or the other would on their own. So when I spotted these posters by Ryan McArthur, they were destined to end up as fodder for our regular [...]

print quote job configuration - feature

Ask a Expert: Save a Print Quote

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about how you couldn’t quite save print quotes, but there was a workaround for it. Now we’re proud to announce that you can print and save print quotes! Here are the steps you should take to print and save your quote: 1. Select your print product and [...]

single fireworks - feature

How to Take Photos of Fireworks in Summer Nights

July 4th is not the only time for spectacular fireworks. Cities and towns, large or small, put up a firework show weekly during summer. Baseball games often end with fireworks. I’ve noticed a lot of people with DSLRs waiting to capture the fireworks, but few with a tripod. I wondered, how can they possibly get [...]

Modern Typeface

Modern Typography Trends

Flat Design with Emphasis on Typography As we all know, typography is meant to be read and the font should match the overall tone, and fit into the design for a unified finished piece. With flat design, typography often takes center stage which allows for the key message to be easily understood. Flat design, with its [...]

set your wedding date asap - feature

Finalize Wedding Details As Soon as Possible

Your wedding is the one of the biggest days of your life, and an event that you’ll want to share with your nearest and dearest. To avoid the disappointment of having friends and family members being unable to attend due to other commitments, finances, or travel issues, it’s important that you finalize the wedding details as early [...]

happy annivesary

How to Make Your Anniversary Celebration Special with Digital Printing

The anniversary of a successfully married couple is a milestone event. So, do you really want to rely on a store-bought software package and your laserjet or inkjet printer for your invitations and Thank You cards for your party? Using a local printer is a convenient idea, but your options will be fairly limited. With [...]

political campaign sticker - feature

Create Political Campaign Must-Haves with Digital Printing

Primary season is winding down, and now the official candidates who will be on the ballot for November’s election day are ramping up their efforts. Many of them are utilizing digital printing to meet their printing needs. When you embark on a political campaign, there are many different ways to gain a competitive advantage. Your voter tally [...]

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