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Forms in Adobe InDesign

Create PDF forms with Adobe InDesign

In newer versions of Adobe InDesign (CS6 and CC), it is easy to design forms in InDesign and export them to a PDF. Form fields can be created, as well as, form actions. You may be used to working with Adobe Acrobat to create forms. That is a great tool as well, but I find with InDesign it is easier … Read More

birthday girl makes a wish - feature

How to Take Candle-Lit Birthday Cake Photos

Most people have Facebook or Instagram these days and we love to use them to share photos of our special events. One of the more common types of photos I spot in my social streams are images of birthday cakes and birthday boys and girls blowing out the candles. It's so unfortunate how many of … Read More

macro flower - feature

Tips on Taking Close-Up Photos for Large Prints

Large size photo posters and gallery wrapped canvas printing have grown in popularity for at home and the workplace. Many people want to know how to choose the best photos to put on their walls. One popular type of image for photographic art are large reproductions of macro photos or extreme … Read More


Basic Guide to Signage Stands & Banner Hanging Accessories

There are a variety of signage options available for businesses to attract customers. Hanging banners, sidewalk signs, posters and more are all easy and effective choices for carrying your brand’s message. Once the signs are printed, though, what’s the best way to display them? Well, that depends … Read More

the difference -feature

Photo Inspiration – Full Moon Manipulations

Last night's moon has been receiving a lot of attention because there was a lunar eclipse in early this morning in some parts of the world. Many people called it a blood moon because of the reddish-orange tinge that overcame the surface of earth's satellite. It sort-of makes tonight's full moon seem … Read More

multiple orders one shipment feature

Ask a Smartpress.com Expert: Multiple Orders, One Shipment

I have 10 printing orders. I was wondering if I could get them all printed and shipped all together? Is that possible? - More Print, Less Shipping Yes, depending on what you mean by “printing orders,” there are a few ways to get items printed and shipped together. Are you ordering multiple … Read More

black and white - feature

How to Create Dramatic Black & White Photos

I have a pair of amber shade sunglasses that I wear in the summer. Every time I wear them, the world surrounding me looks different. The clouds and trees stand out more and everything is seemingly more beautiful. The lack of color creates a sense of mystery, timelessness, and simplicity. We are used … Read More

Charts in Adobe Illustrator

Data Display Options Using the Chart Feature in Adobe Illustrator

Charts and Data Adobe Illustrator has a wide variety of chart types. I personally LOVE using Illustrator rather than PowerPoint for charts. The main reason is that they are vector and easy to edit! The chart tool can be helpful for infographic graphics as well. In this graphic design tutorial post, … Read More


Basic Guide to Wedding Menu Printing & Design

The wedding menu can be one of the most important stationery items required to be ready for your big day, especially because it will be taking center stage at the place settings. If you didn't list meal choices in your invitation, it will be one of the first things your guests will want to look at … Read More

measure twice - feature

Proof Twice, Print Once: Quality Control for Printing

When I was in college, I worked in two different places that beat the same motto into my head every single day: “Measure twice, cut once.” The first was when I worked in the theater’s costume shop, cutting up pieces of fabric and sewing them into costumes for the performers to wear on stage. The … Read More

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