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Laughing at How Ridiculous Stock Photography Can Be

It’s been said time and time again by people much more respected and smarter than me, but “pictures are worth a thousand words.” Including images in your marketing efforts and other digital design projects can really pump up their effectiveness. There’s only so much time in a day, though, and setting up for original photos [...]

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Get Graphic Design Services for Your Calendar Printing Project

It’s the time of year when calendar printing projects really take off. All kinds of people, businesses and sole proprietors place their orders during the months of October, November and December. Popular types of projects include promotional calendars for businesses, designers and photographers who produce calendars to sell, family photo calendars for giving to kin as gifts, [...]

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Ask a Smartpress.com Expert: Non-English Languages

 I wanted to know if your company prints Spanish catalogs as well. My coworker has used your digital printing services in the past but I wanted to make sure. – Spanish Savvy Yes, we absolutely print in Spanish. We can print in any language, actually. With regards to language, if you can design it, we [...]

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Creepy Ideas For Halloween Photography

As the fun filled holiday approaches, you might be busy picking costumes for the kids, carving pumpkins, baking holiday cookies, and decorating for a Halloween party. Perhaps you haven’t thought about incorporating photography into the holiday celebration, but its worth consideration. Spooky photos taken prior to the holiday can be made into party invitations, cards, [...]


How to Create a Die Line for Die Cutting

With die cutting, the possibilities for unique shapes are endless. There are simple shapes like circles, ovals, triangles and other shapes that are standard. There is also the option for more complex shapes like stars, arrows, or something that is more complex requiring more effort than the simple shapes. Don’t feel limited by 90 degree [...]

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3 Ways to Use Print to Promote Your Cyber Monday Sale

Yes, Cyber Monday is a web sales event. So why promote it with print? Read on. Having a printed piece announcing your website sale is a great reminder for customers. They can set it next to their computers or carry it in their purses or wallets so they don’t forget to go online and take [...]

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Get Big Sales on Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday will be here before you know it. Planning ahead and having all your print promotions ready early will mean you’ll have less last-minute hassle. You’ll also have plenty of time to get more promotions printed to reach customer bases you may discover as the day nears. If you’re a small business owner, [...]

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Black Friday Promotions – in Black and White

Now is the time to think about making your business’s Black Friday offers stand out from all the rest. Start with a great marketing plan, and design your printed materials to match the excitement of your offer. And get those printed materials ordered ASAP. You want your items in hand well before it’s time to [...]

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Graphic Design Inspiration – Vintage Halloween Illustrations

Ok, last week’s vintage Halloween costume photography inspiration post was a bit creepy.  In this week’s graphic design inspiration post, I’m going to cutesy it up a bit with some vintage Halloween illustrations! I love vintage designs. Taking a look at the past of design helps us to see how we got where we are today. Additionally, [...]

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Ask a Smartpress.com Expert: Calendar Templates

I want to design a calendar for next year, but it seems like a lot of work. Is there a template or something I can use that already has all the dates and weeks set up for 2015? – Keen on Kalendars We absolutely have design templates ready that you can use for next year’s [...]

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