TG-Warhol - Thanksgiving Special - Andy Warhol - feature

Photography Inspiration – Thanksgiving Dinner Art

It’s almost Thanksgiving! I don’t know about you, but my tastebuds are already aching for some turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, pumpkin pie with whipped cream. The plates of food featured in this photography inspiration post, though beautiful, are a bit sparse for my liking. These images were created by San Francisco resident Hannah Rothstein. […]

calendar layout january 2016 - feature

Ask a Expert: 2016 Calendar Templates

Hello, I am working on an order for a saddle stitch calendar.  I would like to add information on the days of the month.  Do you have a fill-able template that I can download? Thanks. ~ Calendar Crafter We offer editable calendar templates of various sizes for saddle stitched calendars, as well as wire coil calendars and […]

baby feet with hands - FEATURE

Things I’m Thankful For: Thanksgiving Photo Project Ideas

Every year in the month of November, kids at school write about what they are thankful for, besides making cute holiday crafts. As grown-ups, we can learn to appreciate what we are thankful for by making a thoughtful photograph of it. If photography is one of the things you are grateful for, this will be […]

pop up greeting card butterfly assembled - feature

How to Design a Pop-Up Greeting Card

Want to add an element of fun, give your greeting cards a little “pop” with diecutting from With a little diecutting and some imagination, you can create a 3-D memorable card. Pop-up greeting cards can be as simple or complex as you’d like, depending on what you’d like to create. There are a few things […]

business holiday invitation - feature

Order Greeting Cards and Holiday Party Invitations Soon

Tis the season for festive celebrations, holiday salutations,  and wishes for a happy New Year. If you’re planning on printing greeting cards or holiday party invitations, now is the time to place your order to make sure you receive them in a timely manner. Starting next week on Thanksgiving and continuing through much of December, […]

hang tags with holes for hanging - feature

5 Tips for Designing Holiday Hang Tags for Business

Looking to dress up your products with a little holiday style without going to the expense of repackaging just for the season? Here’s your answer: hang tags with holiday designs and colors! Hang tags can be printed in a variety of ways with a variety of messaging to help promote your holiday sales and products. […]

reply by design

Customer Spotlight: Reply by Design

About Reply by Design Kathryn McIntyre started the Reply by Design Studio as an Etsy shop in 2010 while working as a graduate student and full-time student teacher in New York City. Though the Reply by Design Studio basically started out as a hobby, it has grown into a full-time business. In the years since […]

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Graphic Design Inspiration – Saturday Evening Post Thanksgiving

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and this time of year tends to be a period of nostalgia for many. If you love Thanksgiving like I do, you’ve already imagined eating the meal three times, with seconds on your favorite dishes (mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, for me!). You have also perhaps thought of happy times with family […]

scodix-spot-UV-polymer-on-car- feature

Ask a Expert: Spot UV?

Do you do spot UV coating on business cards? I am designing a new business card for my DJ husband and we have always liked the look and feel that spot UV gives. I have become comfortable with your printing process and hope I won’t have to use a different printer – DJ Jazzy Designer While […]

kids group photo aiming for the sky - feature

Tips for Posing Groups of People for Creative Photos

Tis the season for group photos. Inevitably during one or more of the upcoming holidays, someone will say “Hey, let’s grab a family photo while we’re all here!” Or your boss may want a group photo of the whole company’s smiling faces to send along as a holiday card to clients. Even if it isn’t a […]

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