storefront - Feature

5 Design Ideas for Storefront Window Clings

You have the greatest deals and the best products inside your store. But if your storefront is dreary, unappealing or just plain boring, people will walk right by without ever stopping in. How do you spruce up the outside of your store without a renovation? You get creative. And the easiest and most effective way [...]

product label sticker - Feature

Brighten Up Product Packaging with Stickers & Labels

The way your products are packaged is important to your customers’ shopping and purchasing experiences. Packaging greets customers when products are shipped. The boxes and bags you use to send products home with customers make a statement about the items inside and about the purchaser as they carry the packages through a shopping center or [...]

Wax Waterfall - Digital Paintings by Cyril Rolando - feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – Cyril Rolando

French digital artist Cyril Rolando is a psychologist by day, and a digital artist by night. He is a great admirer of Tim Burton and Hayao Miyazaki, and you might see a bit of their influence in these images. Drawing digitally since 2004, he likes to explore the emotional side of humans and the colors of life. The [...]

smartpress online digital printing - feature

Ask a Expert: Beyond Just Digital Printing

How heavy of stock can you guys digitally laser cut? I am assuming we can create custom die cut shapes.  Is there a large range of paper stocks  available to print on, ideally some sort of specialty paper with character. Metallic stocks? Other? Can you print specialty inks? Gloss varnishes? Spot varnishes? I’m trying to [...]

bracketing - feature

What is Bracketing in Photography and How to Use It

In the film era, bracketing was a term known to mostly advanced camera users. Figuring out the correct exposure for each image required experience and some degree of guess work, because camera metering wasn’t that great back then. Compared to digital metering, it was downright primitive. Bracketing is a way to assist that “guess work” [...]

Depth in Illustrator

Add Depth to Vector Art in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the perfect tool to create your own custom illustrations. The pen tool is a handy tool to have in your design toolbox. In addition to easy tracing, having scalable vector art will ensure that you are always working with high resolution files. If you’ve created artwork in Adobe Illustrator before, you may [...]

pocket wedding invite - Feature

Organize Your Stationery with Pocket Wedding Invitations

Pocket wedding invitations are still trending in wedding stationery, providing a fun, functional, and fashionable way to present important wedding information. With a pocket on the inside cover to store all of the additional information needed for the invite, the happy couple’s guests will have everything they need, all in one place. With’s new laser die cutting [...]

Sell Sheet Printing 2

When to Use Sell Sheets vs. Flyers

Sell sheets and flyers are effective sales tools that have much in common. They are both extremely cost effective. They are both one-page documents. They are both filled with information that lets customers know about your company. They both advertise your products and services. They both show your customers that you have the solutions they [...]

fold of the week feature

FoldFactor and Fold of the Week

There are some blogs and websites that we like to follow, such as HongKiat and SpeckyBoy. Those two websites tend to cover a lot of topics, though, from web design to photography to fonts. There’s one website in particular that we like which has a laser-like focus on one thing: The FoldFactory. As you might [...]

Helmet Woman - Art-Kane - Vintage Photography - feature

Photography Inspiration – Art Kane

Today’s photography inspiration post is a bit vintage. It highlights the work of Art Kane, who was one of the most influential photographers of the twentieth century. Born in 1925, his works included fashion, editorial, celebrity portraiture, travel and more. In fact, his photos of famous musicians are some of his most widely-known works. Additionally, decades [...]

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