photographer photo shoot set up - feature

Photo Shoot Setup Tips & Tricks

A successful photo shoot starts with thorough preparation. You can never over-prepare, but you can easily end up scrambling in the middle of a photo shoot. This article is for newbies who are setting up photo shoots for the first time. This is generic advice that will work with many types of photographic services, whether it’s newborn, [...]


Text and Image Combination for Poster Design

Text and images are essential to design and conveying the message to your audience. Below is an example of poster design where typography and imagery are combined to create a unified design. Step One – Choose the Imagery and Typography This will be a poster for a music venue that hosts large concerts. The poster [...]

raise money with fundraising - feature

Think Digital Printing for a Successful Fundraiser

There are so many organizations raising money that all the causes can blend together. How do you make the fundraiser for your non-profit, school, church or other group stand out among the crowd? One way is to get creative with digital printing. Here are some ideas to make your fundraiser a success. Coupon books – [...]


Printing Programs for School Sporting Events

Homecoming is a time for celebration, reflection and pride, and a thoughtfully designed program could be the perfect way to mark this momentous occasion, giving parents and players a keepsake for the event. The program also plays an important administrative role on the day as it gives people info on the homecoming events as well [...]


Customer Spotlight: Cardcandy

About Cardcandy Cardcandy is an online paper goods retailer and design community focused on providing awe-inspiring printed designs on beautiful, eco-friendly materials. Located in Asheville, NC, Cardcandy was started in 2010 by Reginald Whicker while he was working as a bus boy. He’s had a passion for graphic design and typography for much longer than that, though [...]

Sophia Sanner Mythical Creation #7 - feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – Mythical Creatures

Welcome to the next installment of graphic design inspiration. Today, we’re taking a look at the Mythical Creatures created by Sophia Sanner. I was flipping through other blogs and came across this artist. Specifically, the little green guy directly below, which has become my favorite. I had to take a closer look at her stuff [...]

brochure-print-design-for-mailing - feature

Ask a Expert: Wafer Seals

We ordered a trifold brochure with the wafer seals on them. What kind of wafer seals are they? Are they circle stickers? How big are they? What color are they?  – Wondering About Wafer Seals Good questions.  Wafer seals are small, sticker-like items that are typically used to keep brochures and booklets closed during the mailing process.  Wafer seals are usually [...]

portrait photographer - feature

How to Speak to Clients for Great Photography Shots

There are two types of portrait photographers, those who constantly talk to their clients, and those who don’t. Guess whose images will turn out great? Yes, the one that talks a lot. Communication is the key to a successful portrait session, if you can’t put your client at ease, it will show in the final [...]


Place Wedding Day Stationery Printing Orders Early

When it comes to printing your wedding stationery you’ll want to be ahead of the game to ensure everything is ready for the big day. To help you through the process, and to make it as easy as possible for you, we’ve compiled this helpful guide which answers any questions you might have about wedding stationery that must be printed [...]

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