round business card - Feature

Stand Out With Circular Business Cards

Whether you run a single person design consultancy business, or a national fitness training empire, a business card is one of those essential items of stationery that you must have in your arsenal. While your business card is not a sales generating marketing tool in itself, it is an integral part of your networking and [...]

SkarpiThrainsson4 - feature

Photography Inspiration – Ice Caves in Iceland

It’s spring time, and yet in many parts of the country, Mother Nature hasn’t exactly been cooperating. The last thing many of us want to see right now is ice and snow. But once you see the images in this photography inspiration post, you will probably be glad you took the time to look (especially since [...]

register for a smartpress account - feature

Ask a Expert: Creating a Business Account

How can I create a business account? I don’t seem to see an option for it.  - Business-Minded We don’t really have a separate class of accounts for businesses. Basically, it’s up to you to create a username and password for your account. Then, you just need to share that login information with the other people who will be [...]

bride portrait by window - feature

Tips on Taking Beautiful Portraits by Window Light

Before investing your hard earned money in studio equipment, natural light is the first light beginner photographers learn to use, it’s cheap and it’s everywhere. But not all natural lights are created equal, depending on the time of the day, and location. Finding quality natural light is the first step in taking better portraits. Where [...]


Add Lens Flair to Your Design in Adobe Photoshop

What Causes Lens Flare? We’ve all come across photos that have lens flair. It happens when stray light reflects on the inside of your lens. It can be an extra added element to your photo. Lens flair can look like light streaks or bursts. Some photographers try to avoid lens flair, but lately it has become popular to [...]

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Popular Wedding Printing Paper Choices by

The finer details make huge a difference to the overall look and feel of your wedding, and it starts with your wedding stationery. Your save the dates, invitations, and entire wedding suite actually make up a large part of the wedding experience for your guests, so it’s worth taking the time to consider exactly which [...]

top down fold unique brochure - feature

Beyond the Basics: Unique Brochure Folding Ideas

There are brochures that do the job. They get across basic information in a basic, recognizable design. But when you need brochures that SELL the job, you’ll need a design and format that captures attention and shows off your company’s products and services in a unique way. That’s where digital laser cutting and folding comes in. [...]

perfect bound books self publish feature

Self-Publish Your Book with Perfect Bound Printing

We’ve just added a perfect binder to our facility, and we’re excited about offering you this service for your print projects. Perfect binding gives you the option of printing thick, high page count books, magazines, catalogs and materials that would be too much for a simple saddle-stitched booklet or spiral coil booklet. You can order your perfect bound [...]

MOnsters-Inc-minimalist circles feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – Minimalist Movie Circles

As stated previously, over and over, I am a fan of minimalism. I think it’s interesting how designers can distill big concepts into just a few colors and shapes. With this graphic design inspiration post, one artist is capturing the essence of a film with just a few circles. Only using circles and a few [...]

differet paper same colors - Feature

Ask a Expert: Same Project, Different Paper

I ordered business cards with you previously on the premium and most recently had the same design printed on the uncoated. I still have some of the old cards left and though I really like the uncoated smooth, the colors aren’t the same. Can you reprint my order? – Color Conscious When you design an item that will be [...]

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