Flora Borsi - Detroit - Cathedral Couple - feature

Photography Inspiration – Detroit

Science and art, photography and illustration, minimalism and movies, Star Wars and steampunk, dogs and Marvel superheroes: I am clearly a fan of mashups. So don’t be surprised that today’s photography inspiration post is a mashup of history and photography. HISTORY! And PHOTOGRAPHY! I am in nerd heaven. The photos below are part of the […]

catch light eyes model - feature

How to Catch Sparkles & Lights in the Eyes with Photography

Eyes are the window to the soul. This is also true in portrait photography. The sparkles of a person’s eyes can bring an image to life, as if the subject is right in front of you.Commonly, beginner photographers aren’t aware of catch lights, but once they do, they have to have it in every picture, […]


Explore the Artboard Feature in Photoshop

We all know and love Adobe Photoshop and anxiously await new features as these updates become available. Since the early days, Adobe Illustrator has had a great artboard feature making it easy to develop multiple concepts and export them to a PDF file. This has become such a crucial part of a workflow, that we […]

birth announcement siblings - feature

5 Unique Birth Announcement Ideas

Baby’s arrival is one of the most important things you’ll ever announce. So be sure the birth announcement is unique, captures your personalities and paves the way for friends and family to welcome your little one with joy. Baby’s Stats Think up fun ways to announce baby’s birth date, time, length, weight and other details. […]

table tent for flower show - feature

5 Ways Table Tents Aren’t Just for Restaurants

How many times have you added on a beverage, a dessert or an extra something good because you saw it on a table tent at the restaurant you were dining at? That’s because table tents are great at doing their jobs. They’re put in places where customers are hanging out for a while, so the […]

paper cutting art - feature

Amazing Art Made by Cutting Paper

Last October, we excitedly introduced our digital laser die cutter and all the nifty things that it can do. For us, it was an almost instant love. Well, now we’re approaching a year since we got the MotionCutter, and we’re still just as in love with it now as we were then. We’re always looking out […]

Josh-Lynch-Marvel-Dogs-Pug Spiderman - feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – Dogs of the Marvel Universe

Dogs are the best. Of course, I might be biased, as I have an awesome dog named Spirit. But I’m not alone, because many, many people also think dogs are super. Many, many people also like Marvel superhero characters. At the intersection of dog lovers and Marvel superhero admirers is Twin Cities-based Josh Lynch, the […]


Ask a Smartpress.com Expert: Large Format Die Cutting & White Ink

I’m trying to set up a design file for a window graphics that includes both die cutting and white ink printing. Is there anything special I should know about setting up my design file? – Printing Large There are special instructions for setting up your design file for white ink printing or die cutting, whether you’re […]

passport photo editorial - feature

How to Take Your Own Awesome Passport Photo at Home

As I was waiting in line to mail a package at the post office, I noticed there was another line for passport applicants only, the line was not short. I bet the line was added because more people are traveling abroad during summer. I wondered where did these applicants get their passport photos taken. Up […]


How to Use the Note Feature in Adobe InDesign

Do you find yourself collaborating with other designers within an InDesign document? You may need to add editorial notes or design comments. Do you wish you had a place to store project notes, so you remember exact details when you open up the file to work on it again? If so, you are in luck. […]

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