How to Wrap a Texture Around an Object in Adobe Photoshop

We all know Photoshop is the magic tool to take our ideas from concept to reality. Sometimes we find a great subject, but it may need something extra. Texture might be just what is needed to take it from a bland state to something more interesting. We’ve covered how to create design comps that show logos in […]


Economical Die Cut CD Mailer Design Idea for Photographers

As a freelance photographer, I, like most, am always looking for the most economical way to distribute my product, as a matter of fiscal responsibility, and the fact that I’m too gosh-darn nice and probably don’t charge as much as I should. It’s also difficult to spend money on physical items when you usually charge […]


Now is the Time to Prepare Your 2016 Promotional Calendars!

August and September is when you’ll want to start planning and designing calendars for your customers to use next year. Why so soon? Because you’ll want to have the calendars in YOUR hands in plenty of time to get them into THEIR hands before the new year! The kind of calendar you produce depends on your […]

usps united states postal service mail box

Every Door Direct Mail Now Available at Smartpress.com

Do you own a small business with a local customer base? Have you ever thought of sending marketing messages directly to a specific community? Well now you can with Every Door Direct Mail! It’s a service of the United States Postal Service that allows you to send promotional mailings, postcards, flyers, brochures, booklets and more to […]


Photography Inspiration – Truth Behind Instagram Photos

The addition of cameras to smartphones and their virtual ubiquity means that everyone can be a photographer these days, in their own way. Everyday, thousands of people upload their photographic masterpieces to online places such as Flickr, Instagram, Facebook and more. Each photo has been carefully cropped and attractively filtered to show just what the […]


Ask a Smartpress.com Expert: Lanyard Printing

I’m wondering if Smartpress.com prints lanyards? – Looking for Lanyards That depends on what you mean. We can certainly print a sturdy Synthetic Waterproof material that can be attached to lanyards, including any needed drill holes (though it’s important to note the material is flexible, not rigid like a plastic card). We can also print paper cards that […]

autumn outdoor family portrait - feature

5 Steps Toward a Successful Outdoor Portrait Session With a Client

More and more people favor outdoor portraits over studio portraits, especially at times like this when the leaves have started changing colors. Outdoor portraits often incorporate seasonal colors, city landmarks, and beautiful natural light, making them ideal for large format framing and canvas prints. On the photographer’s side, taking outdoor portraits is one of the […]


Sketching Tips for Better Designs in Adobe Illustrator

Many illustrators love the digital medium for their art. However, nothing replaces good old pencil (or pen!) and paper. It’s great to sketch out your next idea first on paper, and then move into the digital landscape. Adobe Illustrator for Illustration Adobe Illustrator is a great tool that allows you to work with vector art. […]


5 Things to Keep in Mind When Mailing Wedding Invites

To start off, that headline could be deceptive. With save the dates, wedding invitations, bridal shower invitations, bachelor party invitations, bachelorette party invitations, rehearsal dinner invitations, thank you cards, wedding announcements and every other thing you could possibly imagine mailing for a wedding, this blog post could apply to it all. But “5 Things to Keep in Mind When […]

row of mailboxes every door direct mail - feature

Reach a Targeted Audience with Every Door Direct Mail®

Are you looking for a cost-effective and easy way to reach potential customers in your neighborhood? Here’s one you’ll love working into your small business marketing plan: it’s called Every Door Direct Mail, and it’s an option we are adding to our range of services. What is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)? It’s a service […]

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