gumball cartoon network andrew groves - feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – Cartoon Network 2014 Calendar

I’m a big fan of cartoons, and in particular the shows produced by Cartoon Network. They aren’t just kid-stuff – they’re creative, imaginative and inspiring in so many ways. In fact, my favorite (Adventure Time) has even won an Emmy. In this graphic design inspiration post, Cartoon Network teamed up with illustrator Andrew Groves to create these [...]

Mac desktop screenshot - feature

Ask a Expert: Saving Print Quotes

Is it possible to save quotes on your site? I’d like to show the print quote to a client. Also, how long is the print quote guaranteed? I’d like to make sure I’m not surprised when I place my order. – Quote Inquirer Any custom print quotes you make on the site are good for [...]

travel photographer - feature

Tips for Travel Photography: Memories & Sights to See

In part 1 of this topic, Tips for Travel Photography: Equipment Recommendations, I went over what to pack for your upcoming trip. In today’s post, I’ll talk about what to do once you get to where you’re traveling. After you safely arrived at your destination, should you grab your camera and blindly shoot away gazillion photos [...]

Smart Sharpen in Adobe Photoshop

Acheive Greater Definition with the Photoshop Smart Sharpen Filter

You may know that the Smart Sharpen tool has been around for a long time. Many Photographers use it and some view it as one of the most valuable tools in their photo processing toolbox. Edges were sharpened with great precision, and this tool continues doing good work now that it is in the Creative [...]

swiss-skydive - feature

Elevate Your Marketing with Floor Graphics & Wall Decals

If you’ve ever wanted a unique way of spreading your marketing message or even decorating your interior spaces, floor graphics and wall decals could be a great choice. They work especially well for spaces with smooth surfaces and where other messaging methods can’t be implemented. I came across this post on HongKiat, 20 Creative Ads [...]


Print Custom Vinyl Wall Decals at now offers custom wall decal printing. Wall graphics are available for purchase in a lot of retail locations, online and in-store, but custom wall graphics are another story. At, you can now create a personalized wall graphic design in many sizes and shapes, and use them to decorate your home, office, business or [...]

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Unique Perforation Ideas for Your Marketing Materials

Creativity and ingenuity with your printing can really help to push your finished product to the next level, creating interest and excitement along the way. Perforated printing is an excellent way of adding value to your print project by making it interactive and giving others an opportunity to take away, share, or redeem part of [...]


Photography Inspiration – In Extremis (Bodies with No Regret)

Art and photography can be serious business, but it can also be  fun – and funny. Today’s photography inspiration takes you on a left turn from seriousness, though it does have a serious message. In fact, these images are kind-of hilarious. And by kind-of, I’m really mean completely hilarious. Photographer Sandro Giordoan has created this photo series, [...]

static-cling-behind-glass-white - feature

Ask a Expert: New Static Cling Material

Hello, I’ve ordered static clings from you before in the past. Now when I look at the static clings page, it looks like the substrate thickness has changed. How might it affect my window cling order? – Window Cling King We have made some changes to our small format static window cling materials. We hope [...]

travel photography equipment - feature

Tips for Travel Photography: Equipment Recommendations

Summer is in full swing. Families are schlepping their kids to and from activities in the summer, but many have longer trips and vacations in mind. Traveling to a different locale always presents unique photo opportunities. There is a wide variety of photos you can take during a trip: Landmarks, natural scenery, local customs, native peoples, your family. [...]

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