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Pathfinder Options in Adobe Illustrator Using the Pathfinder Palette

The pathfinder tool is quite useful when working in Illustrator. It can be helpful when making logos, diagrams and other graphic design projects. It allows you to combine vector objects to create shapes in multiple ways. Some parts can be added to the other or subtracted. The best way to get acquainted is to experiment. Once you [...]

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Get the Most Bang for Your Print Marketing Budget Buck

Business belts are tightening and cost cutting has become the daily mantra of many companies. In order to save your print marketing budget from the chopping block, think about small ways to bring big attention back to your business. Print pieces are a great example of items that are relatively inexpensive yet highly effective. Take [...]

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7 Most Common Digital Print Design File Errors

With custom digital printing, customers, clients and visitors like you create your own design file, then pick the product, materials and finishing options you’d like for your print project. Digital design files must be set up correctly in order for you receive the results that you desire in the final printed piece. It’s easy to [...]

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Customer Spotlight: Kern DeWenter Viere

About Kern DeWenter Viere Kern DeWenter Viere (KDV) is a little bit different than many of the businesses we have highlighted in our Customer Spotlight segment. KDV helps with solving complex business, financial and technology challenges. Though the company originally started in 1945 as a CPA firm, it has progressed and evolved to provide [...]

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Graphic Design Inspiration – Snow Queens by MagicsArt

In keeping with the cold and wintery season, today’s graphic design inspiration post is filled with ice and snow… And beautiful, mysterious women. These images by Swedish artist MagicsArt reminded me of the story of the Snow Queen. The Snow Queen is a tale written in 1844 by Hans Christian Anderson. Not surprisingly, she is [...]

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Ask a Expert: Onsite Search

 I’m loving the changes and updates that you’ve been making to the website. I have a question, though. Sometimes when I come to the site, I have the option to use a search bar at the top of the site. Sometimes, it isn’t there. Just thought that you should know! – Searching for Stuff We [...]

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Finding Interesting Props Around Your Home to Use in Portraits

I’ve had several students from my portrait workshop telling me they don’t know how to pose their subject, especially where to place the hands so it doesn’t look boring or awkward. Besides giving them that actual ‘how-to’, I also show them how to incorporate props into the photo. Props, when used correctly, not only enhance [...]

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Adding Glitz to New Year’s Invites & Greeting Cards

It’s never too early to start planning your New Year’s celebration. With all the holiday events, gatherings, and other holiday cheer, New Years can really sneak up on us. The first step in a successful New Years celebration is getting the word out to your guests. With stuffed mailboxes full of holiday cards, letters and fruitcake [...]

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Money Left in the Marketing Budget? Stock Up On Print!

Does the end-of-the-year math say there are still some funds in the marketing budget? That’s great – you saved money this year. But if you don’t spend that budget surplus now, you might be faced with a smaller budget next year. That could hurt you in terms of being able to launch a big campaign, [...]

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It’s Not Too Late to Send Holiday Cheer

You meant to send Thanksgiving cards and be the first to greet the season. But then there was Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday to prepare for, and greeting cards got put off. Now it’s December and you really did mean to send holiday cards, but either you couldn’t make a decision on the [...]

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